laminate floor cleaningA laminate wood floor cleaner by itself won’t make your laminate floors shine. Laminate floors are finished with a hard, clear coating, and when it begins to wear off, your laminate will begin to lose its shine. If you want to restore the shine to your laminate floors, you’ll need to use a good quality laminate floor restorer. Replacing the hard, clear coating is what will make laminate floors shine like new again.

You have more options when cleaning laminate wood floors then you do with hardwood floors. Don’t waste your money on laminate wood floor cleaners. Especially, when you can make your own laminate floor cleaner with the spare change in your pocket. Vinegar is safe to use on laminate, although you should not use vinegar on hardwood or bamboo. To make your own homemade laminate wood floor cleaner all you need is white vinegar and water.

Protecting Laminate Wood Floors

Scratches are one of the worst enemies to laminate floors. Remember, unlike real wood, laminate is only an image of real wood, so you won’t be able to remove the scratches. If you have scratches on your laminate floor, you have two choices. Install a new floor, or hide them. A good quality floor restorer will make the scratches a lot less noticeable.

You can limit the amount of future scratches going forward. Place doormats next to all doors leading outside, and use them. This will trap most of the dirt and grit from your shoes, or better yet, go with a no shoes policy inside your home, where slippers instead. Use furniture protectors on all of your furniture. Especially chairs, since they get dragged across the floor everyday.

Cleaning Laminate Wood Floors

To begin cleaning your laminate wood floors, skip the laminate wood floor cleaner and grab a soft broom and a damp cotton cloth or damp sponge mop. Sweep your laminate floor regularly to help remove the grit that will end up eventually scratching your laminate floor. You may also want to consider investing in a quality hardwood floor steamer to really deep clean your wood floors every couple of months.  

Fill a 32-ounce spray bottle with water and add 1/4 cup of white vinegar Then spray the floor and begin cleaning using a damp sponge mop. Do not leave any water on the floor or it could possibly warp the laminate panels or soften the glue underneath. Dry your laminate floor afterward with a soft cotton cloth.

Shining Laminate Wood Floors

Most laminate flooring manufacturers don’t recommend using oil and soap products for cleaning or shining laminate floors. Never attempt to refinish laminate floors since you won’t be able to sand them without removing the image of the wood floor.So, how do you restore the shine to laminate floors?

By putting back the hard, clear coating that once made your laminate floors shine.

You can make older laminate floors look new again, and you can even make cheap laminate floors look expensive with a good quality floor restorer. Pro Shot® Floor Restorer is inexpensive, easy to apply, dries to a hard, clear finish in less than an hour, and is UL-listed for slip resistance. It makes laminate floor scratches less noticeable and helps protect laminate floors from spills and black heel marks. Pro Shot® contains no petroleum, so there’s no smelly fumes. 

Now you know why a laminate wood floor cleaner won’t restore the shine to laminate floors, and even better, you know that Pro Shot® Floor Restorer will restore the shine to laminate floors in less than an hour.